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The 3E-LEARNING project purpose is to address the digital transformation, promoting a gamified educational path in secondary schools, aiming to develop and transfer to students strategic competences – digital entrepreneurship and management – and transversal competences – readiness, flexibility, proactivity.

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Our didactic and educational proposal aims to offer a new model of learning based on an online role-playing and simulation game designed specifically for young people – The Business Game.



About 3e-learning


The project 3E-LEARNING – Entrepreneurial E-learning Experience for Training Secondary Schools Students is focused on empowering learners and facilitating learners’ digital competence.

The main purpose of the project is the development of a Business Game that provides an experience of learning by playing: the student is directly involved in the game in the role of a new entrepreneur who wants to start his/her digital business.

The student/player practically and proactively learns key concepts of digital transformation and develops also soft skills by collaborating with other virtual colleagues and teachers.

Specific Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to convey digital entrepreneurship principles in a blended educational approach joining classical teaching with training tools like gamification.

3E-LEARNING specific objectives:

  • Provide a new kind of educational tool and promote a new learning model for high schools’ students, implementing the culture of youth entrepreneurship, especially digital entrepreneurship, through enterprise simulation.

  • Transfer managerial and entrepreneurship competences useful to students, through a living competitive virtual experience.

  • Achieve strong involvement of teachers, who will be the first beneficiaries of a new digital teaching approach, based on learning by doing methods.

Digital competence refers to the confident and critical usage of the full range of digital technologies for information, communication and basic problem-solving, in all aspects of life.

Target groups

3E-LEARNING is tailored to secondary school students (14-19 years old) and teachers. These represent the main target audience of the project:

  • Students will be involved in the Business Game in the role of new entrepreneurs who want to start a business.

  • Teachers will cooperate with the project partners in the definition of the Business Game requirements and this new digital tool will contribute to improve their teaching skills.

Other Target Groups are also involved:

  • Local Governments/Policy Makers will collaborate in the project, to support the promotion of the Business Game into wider communities.

  • General Public will also benefit from the Business Game, which will contribute to improve their use of digital tools and their entrepreneurial and management skills.  

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A Business Game is a role-playing game characterized by a simulated competitive environment sufficiently close to reality, which immerses players in a virtual business environment in which they have to make several managerial decisions.



  • Understanding the systemic nature of a company - Interdisciplinary training essential to acquire knowledge of all areas of management

  • Developing soft skills - Business game stimulates discussion, communication and teamwork

  • Getting familiar with risk situations and uncertainty - In a competitive environment, information is never complete and there is always a certain degree of risk

  • Learning management techniques - The student is personally involved in the experience of management

  • Focus on developing strategies - Importance of developing consistent strategies over time

  • Enhancing information retrieval - Ability to access information, both internal and external; ability to properly analyse the available information.

  • Assessment of the players - Evaluation of player’s hard and soft skills

The partners




LABGEST is a research, teaching and applicative laboratory composed by Professors and Researchers in Management Engineering at the University of Udine (UNIUD).

LABGEST-UNIUD studies the fields of Complexity Science, Organisation, Innovation & Project Management, Operations, Sustainability and Digitalisation. Our mission is the didactic of management, entrepreneurship and business principles to future management engineers, to future researchers, to entrepreneurs/managers, but also to young scholars.




The Business Game is a dynamic and research-oriented company, specialized in management education and training through business simulations. TBG had developed a lot of Business Games and its expertise is linked to the adaptation of both the Business Game model and the Business Game learning methodology to obtain the best learning experience.

TBG Mission is to provide learning experiences which improve managerial skills. Our Vision is a world where the competitiveness of the firms is increased thanks to the use of business simulations.




The Institute for Business Education (CPU) holds a special place among educational institutions in Slovenia, as with its direct link with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry successfully connects the educational process with the dynamic development of the economy.  At the same time, CPU is one of the education and training providers with longest tradition and experience in development, organisation and implementation of professional and technical seminars, training courses, workshops, short and long-term courses and other events for the needs of the clients.

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RCDI is a non-profit association that gathers a network of experts focusing on innovation, sustainable development and territorial cohesion, through the promotion and management of initiatives for a more innovative, sustainable and inclusive society. Our mission is to foster activities to support the development of local resources and the improvement of individual and collective capacities, providing advice and technical support to public and private organisations and to citizens.




ZDZ in Kielce is a non-profit association. It is the leading educational institution in the region and an active promoter of lifelong learning. It manages a network of 21 educational units, each housing a number of schools as well as education centres for adults covering a wide range of courses to cater for all the educational needs of our students and trainees.

The courses offered include Labour Safety and Hygiene, Construction, Economics and Administration, Power Engineering, Catering and many more.

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Istek 1915 Canakkale schools is a private school that offers secondary education with two types of high schools: Anatolian and the Science High Schools. We have 4 years of High School education, 14-18 years of age. The school has around 364 pupils and a staff of 70 (teachers and other). It is situated in Çanakkale, a town and seaport in Turkey, on the southern coast of the Dardanelles at their narrowest point. The population of the town is more than 110,000. Çanakkale has territory in both Europe and Asia.


What we achieve

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